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I’ve been receiving a lot of questions regarding my Meermin shoes, and a couple of requests of a review, so here it goes:

Meermin’s customer service is excellent, truly the best I’ve encountered. I sent an email asking about measurements for two different lasts in two different sizes, and it took less than 15 minutes for me to recieve an answer. Mind you, this was half past nine on a sunday evening.

If you have any questions what so ever, I really recommend you contacting Meermin directly, they are without a doubt willing to help answer whatever your question may be.

As for shipping, it worked smoothly, even tough Meermin use TNT for logistic services. If I recall correctly, it took about a week between placing my order and having the shoes delivered to my door.

Many have asked about the sizing, and in my opinion they fit rather true to size. Unfortunately I have very limited experience with Crockett & Jones, Church’s, Markowski, Allen Edmond’s and other makers which some of you have asked me to compare the sizing to.

To find your correct size, just stand on a squared paper, mark it and measure your foot, both lenght and width. Send these measurements to the people at Meermin, and they’ll help you out.

The shoes
Now for the most important part of all, the shoes themselves.

Overall I’m an really, really satisfied with them. Both the leather and craftsmanship seem far better than you usually can expect from a 150 Euro price point. The suede uppers are sourced from Charles F. Stead & Co, the same company that supply suede to makers such as Alden and Italigente. So really, you get supreme quality leather for your money.

Where the shoes might be lacking compared to other makers with a higher price point is perhaps quality control. For instance, there were some minor discolourations on the interiors, but they were hardly noticeable at all.

Strangely enough, I hardly got any chafing on my feet during the first few uses, something I usually suffer quite a bit from. The insoles, were however extremely hard before being properly worn in.

Shoe trees, and do you get anything else with the shoes?
The shoe trees cost me 30 Euro extra, but I’ve just heard the price has been raised to 35. Despite the higher cost, I still find them price worthy. They fit the shoes quite well, even though they aren’t made for this particular last. They’re also relatively light, which makes them quite handy if you’re traveling.

Other than shoe trees, the shoes come with a dust bag, which unfortunately is a bit small to fit both shoes without having to force them in.

Other than that, I’m not really sure what to say. Overall, I’m really pleased with my purchase, and I will definately get my hands on more Meermin shoes in the future. I can hope that Pepe sees this post and sends my some size 8s out of gratitude for this ever so thorough review ;)

Note: The shoes haven’t been treated with any substances, suede protection sprays or anything of that kind. I’ve just used a soft nail brush in order to brush off dust and water. If you think they look a bit rough, it’s probably due to the fact that I’ve been wearing them in the rain at least three or four times.

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